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Celebrating The Great Mother - A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children. (By Cait Johnson and Maura D. Shaw) 5 Star Review

Used with permission.

Review's Biography: Kristin Peterson-Candelaria is a mom of three kids, Brittany, Josh, and Jake. She teaches English and is working on her Masters in Special Education. She is married to Bart and has a dog, Bo, and Hercules, the killer cat. She is a green witch and makes wonderful handmade candles, oils, bath salts and other goodies.

I asked my family for this book for Yule and I wasn't disappointed. This is a great book with practical, easy activities that will help create rituals that bring your children into the celebrations. The eight festivals are described, each with unique and timely activities. One of the Mabon (Autumn Equinox, September 20-23) activities was the making of a talking stick but we decided it looked so interesting we did it for Yule and now use it for all our family meetings.

The book has strong Native American leanings and talks about animal teachers and how to discover your power animal as well as touching upon dreams and different visualization techniques.

There is a chapter that talks about people that live in cities as well as suburban families and how to utilize your environment wherever you may live. There is a wonderful chapter on family altars and how "they become symbols of unity in diversity. It is a place for the family to bring nature indoors and becomes a satisfying link with the earth." There are different suggestions on creating and changing the family altar with emphasis on the fact that there are no rules to setting up a sacred space, just that it can be as unique and highly individual as your family is.

Chapter six, Your Child's Inner Wisdom talks of different ways to teach your child inner work and divination. Tarot, pendulums, talismans and runes are all discussed, each with unique age appropriate activities. Dream journals are another great idea my kids have really taken to, as have I.

This is a book that won't remain on my bookshelf, it is definitely one I will use for reference each time the wheel turns and I look for ideas to incorporate my family in ceremony.