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There's getting to be more and more groups to support Pagan homeschoolers every day. Be sure to go over to Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups, or one of the other web-based group/list companies to see what support lists are available for you.

Wow, I guess is official! We've been listed in Kristen Madden's book, Pagan Homeschooling (Oct. 2002) as an "excellent resource". WooHoo! By the way, I suggest everyone to get a copy to review or at least bug your local bookseller about it. I know in my area none of the bookstores had this book and it was very frustrating. Thank Goddess for! I had my copy in less than a week and was really excited and scaring my cats being so loud at 2am when I got to the part with listed (it's page 111).

Here are a few resources on the web for homeschoolers. There's lots more on the web, I just thought I'd put a couple here.

Pagan Scholarships

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Pagan Homeschooling Web sites

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